Come along and join us for a varied running and circuit training session to suit all abilities followed by hot and cold drinks  & delicious home cakes in the Central Cafe. We meet every Saturday morning at 10am just by the Clock Tower at the top (East)  of  Preston Park.


Resumption of weekly running sessions in Preston Park from Saturday 27th June

Dear Fellow Runners

As you will know, we have now restarted our weekly running sessions  and  from next Saturday 27th  of June, we will recommence our sessions in Preston Park by our usual bench  near the Clock Tower meeting at 10am ( and no longer  in  Vardean College grounds where we have been meeting over the last few weeks)   As before, if more than 6 runners turn up, then we  spilt into 2 groups in order to comply with the guidelines.  It is still obviously important that we all protect ourselves as much as possible so we would ask you to:

1: Avoid participating if you have had any symptoms of Covid19 during the previous 14 days prior to a session

2: Be mindful of keeping  a 2 metre distance from fellow runners during the session (this is set to change down to 1 metre distancing soon). 

3.Carefully consider your own household arrangements and the need to protect anyone in it who may be 'shielding' from social contacts

As the 'Chalet Cafe' in Preston park remains closed, some of you might wish to bring a flask of tea, coffee or cold beverage for after the session- we can all sit at a distance in near our bench  and catch up with   news!

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Best Wishes


Coronavirus (COVID-19) related precautions for Running Group participants (updated 17.3.20)

Hello fellow runners

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is moving very fast and presenting us all with new challenges. For the time being, please follow these  guidelines to ensure you keep yourself and your fellow runners safe.

  1. If you are feeling unwell (even if you don't think it's the virus), please do not come to our Saturday morning sessions in Preston Park.  Stay at home until you're feeling better
  2. We need to maintain accurate records of attendance in case a member tests positive for the virus and we need to get in touch with those who were at the same session. If you're late, please make sure the running convenor for that day has recorded your presence.
  3. Follow the Public Health England (PHE) guidelines about hygiene control  (
  4. If you’re planning to travel, or returning from a high risk region please follow government’s advice.
  5. If you do test positive for the virus please let us know so other runners can be advised to take necessary precaution

For the moment we intend to continue our Saturday morning sessions but we would ask all participants to agree and follow to the following rules:

  1. Avoid standing,walking or running  less than 6 feet apart from each other- (circuit activities involving close proximity (e.g. ‘riders and horses) will be  be avoided for the time being)
  2. After our run bring all purchases (drinks or snacks) purchased from the Preston Park Cafe  outside to consume or alternatively bring  an ‘after run’ snack/ flask of coffee  etc.  i.e. avoid congregating inside the cafe 

If there are any changes in PHE guidelines and how these impact upon our activities, this notice will be updated. Hopefully we can continue our session for the coming weeks if we adhere to these guidelines and doing this will help us all to stay sane!!

Best Wishes


(Running rep)

How We Run

Varied running and circuit training session to suit all abilities followed by coffee & cake.

Where We Run


Meet by the clock tower in Preston Park. Please arrive a few minutes early to be ready to run at 10:00 AM There are no changing facilities but someone will usually have a car for valuables if you do bring them.

What It Costs

There is no charge to participate. However participants must be BLAGSS members.

If you are a BLAGSS member, please log in to register your interest in the next session, if required.

If you are not a member, please email for more information.