Pétanque started in the South of France in 1907 and now millions play this most popular version of boules worldwide.

Pétanque is an extremely inclusive sport that can be played equally by both men and women irrespective of age, physical fitness or ability.

From May to September we play every Thursday evening Weather permitting.  We play on the Petanque terrain on the seafront in Hove by the Peace statue at 6pm.

We are a friendly,  inclusive  group who enjoy the fun of the game and at some point in the future we'll then go on for a drink at a local LGBTQ friendly place 




Petanque returns - Thursday 5th May, an introductory session

We're looking forward to our return, on Thursday nights,  for our sessions at the terrain, Brighton and Hove Petanque Cub, near to the Peace Statue, Hove.

Play will commence 6pm, weather permitting, however check on the What's App group for up to date information

Most of you will have a set of boules from lockdown, they will remain for your sole use and your responsibility for the duration of the season.

Hold onto them and we'll update our records from 5th May onwards

If you have your own then bring them with you.

New to Pétanque 

We organise our play on Thursdays via a What’s App group, which is also used for late information such as weather and cancellations. We also sometimes play at other times, especially Sunday often followed by a local lunch.

Newcomers are welcome, please send me a text if you need a set of boules, a jack or want to be added to the What's App group

Veronica   -  0781 798 1138 (texts only please) and for the inclusion in What's App group

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What It Costs - No Charge for your first session

All equipment is provided, on a loan basis for the rest of the season. See the information above.

If you have not played before we can support you with rules of the game and general encouragement, following social distancing guidelines and those provided by Petanque England.