Other Sports

From time to time BLAGSS provides sessions/short courses in various sports. In the past year Beach Volleyball, Beach Football, Cricket, Sailing and Swimming have been provided. The sessions have been provided on a 'come and try it' basis and have provided signposts to other sports clubs who play on a regular basis.

BLAGSS work regularly in partnership with other local LGBT sports clubs, where BLAGSS members are welcome.


Out To Swim South (OTSS) an LGBTQ+ Masters Swimming Club based in Brighton & Hove (UK) and is the southern relative of London and Bristol’s Out To Swim. 

For coaching details and fees please see the Out to Swim website

Come along and give us a try, your first session is free. For more information see http://www.outtoswim.org/brighton/ 



Ishigaki is a non-profit martial arts club for lesbians, gay men and their friends.  Ju-Jitsu is an all round Japanese martial art, ideal for self defence, it encompases throws, locks, chokes, kicks and punches to control or immobilise an attacker.

For more information, please see www.ishigaki.org.uk.