AGM November 2020

Unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic, it was not possible to hold a normal AGM this year. Annual reports and committee elections were instead posted on line and a facility set up for members to approve the reports and committee nominations by pressing a button. This process was completed on 13 November 2020. Members were invited to submit comments and queries but none were received.

The following items were all approved unanimously:

1. Minutes of the 2019 AGM

2. Chairs Report

3. Draft Budget 2020/21

4. Amendment to the Constitution

5. Appointment of Officers

The 2020/21 Committee is as follows:

Chair- John Moore

Secretary- Sarah Nancarrow

Treasurer- Kurt Matthews

Webmaster- Ian Tommins

Membership Secretary- Jane Macdonald

Social Secretary- Dawn Glastonbury

Publicity Officer- Viv Woodcock-Downey

Get Involved officer- Donna Griss