Insurance - Guidance note

Accidents will happen and however careful we are there is always an element of risk, when you are swinging a racquet or a foot at a ball, that the ball will not go where you intended and instead cause somebody or something some damage. To help mitigate against those risks, BLAGSS takes out an annual insurance policy. This note is intended to provide information to members about what is covered and what to do if you are involved in an incident that might give rise to an insurance claim.

What is covered
All BLAGSS sports have public liability cover, that is cover for injury or damage to third parties in the conduct of our 'business'- ie running our sports events - where the injury or damage occurs during the period of insurance. Non-members playing in BLAGSS organised events are also covered by our third party insurance.
There are exclusions for contact sports, so for BLAGSS currently that would include football and netball. Therefore there is no third party cover for injury caused to a member of an opposing team during a BLAGSS organised football or netball match.
By a 'BLAGSS organised event' we mean an event organised by a someone who has been approved by the committee or by the 'official rep' so for example, walk leaders are approved by the walking rep; golf event organisers are members of the golf committee or are approved by the captain.

What is not covered
Generally excluded from our policy are personal injury to our own members and loss or damage to equipment and personal effects. Although the risk of injury while engaging in most of our sports is low, members may wish to consider seeking other sources of cover. The dancing group, Cheek to Cheek, have secured separate insurance cover for their participants which includes personal injury. You may also find that damage to or loss through theft of personal property and sporting equipment is covered by your household or credit card insurance.

What to do if an accident occurs
At most BLAGSS events, a sports rep will be present so if you are involved in an incident notify them at once and they will help take appropriate action. If they are not present, please notify them as soon as possible after the event or if you are unable to make contact with them within 5 days, write to Angie Smith on or phone her on 07960 753798.
If we are to make a successful insurance claim it is important to note the following:
1. Obtain as much evidence as possible so keep a note of time, date, contact details for the injured party if available. Take photos.
2. If there are any witnesses, ask them if they are willing for their details to go forward to insurers.
 3. Do not admit liability or make any offer to compensate the injured party. It may be very clear that you have kicked your ball onto somebody's car and caused damage. However you should simply express regret and tell the owner that you will be sending all the details to our insurers.