We arrange rides throughout the year. Our programme aims to please both leisure riders and those looking for something faster, more mileage and challenging hills.  

How We Ride

Social, short rides: Easy rides on roads or cycle paths and at a relaxed pace. Food will be an important feature of our sociable rides and we will stop for coffee or lunch - either en route or at the end. Any type of bike is suitable.

Longer road rides: Slightly faster paced than the social rides. These rides typically take up to 4 hours and will include a cafe or pub stop. Any type of bike is suitable.

Mountain bike rides: Off-road rides up on the South Downs, suitable for mountain bikes and hybrids.

Details of rides are posted in advance.

Where We ride

We cycle in and around the Brighton & Hove area and anywhere locally, in fact, wherever our volunteer leaders offer to lead a ride.

What It Costs

All bike rides are free to BLAGSS members. You might want to bring some money for refreshments and any travel costs (e.g. rail travel to and from a ride).

If you are a BLAGSS member, please log in for details and to register your interest in any upcoming rides.

If you're not yet a member, you can come along to your first ride, after which you will need to join BLAGSS.

COVID-19 Restrictions

Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic only six participants are allowed for each ride.

Below each ride you can register your interest on a list. If the list is full then you will be put on a waiting list. If one of the six drops out then the first on the waiting list is included on the ride.

If you are one of the six participants but you have decided you don't wish to attend then please do remove yourself from the list.


Cyclists must wear proper cycling helmets on all BLAGSS rides. This is a requirement of the insurance company.

Ten Pin Bowling Extravaganza

Would you like to be in the BLAGSS Cycling team for the annual Ten Pin Bowling Extravaganza?

It takes place at 19:00 on Tuesday 16 November, at the Hollywood Bowl in Brighton Marina.

It is great fun. If you wish to be part of the team, sign up below.

After you have signed up I (Patrick) will contact you to let you know how to pay the £12 fee.

Hove Station to Saddlescombe Farm, 3 October, 11:00 am

Starting Point

This ride is on Sunday 3 October 2021 and starts from the southern side of Hove Railway Station at 11:00 am. We really will be starting the ride at 11:00, so please be ready to ride at this time.



  • Hove Railway Station
  • Hove Park Villas
  • Cross Hove Recreation Ground
  • Hove Park Road
  • Cross Hove Park
  • The Droveway
  • Neville Road
  • Court Farm Road
  • Beeding Avenue
  • Sunninghill Avenue
  • Downland Drive
  • Track
  • Dyke Railway Trail - mostly paved track
  • Devil's Dyke Road
  • South Downs Way - Track
  • Saddlescombe Farm

At Saddlescombe Farm we will have a break at the Wildflour Café.


We return by the same route.

Length and Duration

This ride is 18 km (11 miles) there and back. I think it will take in total about three hours including the break at the Wildflour Café.


On-road and off-road. The tracks are a mixture of paved, gravel and rough ground.

It is hilly, so a lot of ascents.


It will be very easy going. There are some short sections I recommend walking, I do that myself. There is no pressure on this ride, it is to be fun for everyone.

Suitable Bicycles

Mountain bikes, gravel bikes or hybrids would be ideal, however what really matters is the tyres. Normal commuting tyres will be fine with good thick tread however the very thin tyres on sports bikes (what cyclists call "road bikes") would not be appropriate. Also worn out tyres would be a mistake.

E-bikes are welcome.

Additional Notes

Always check over your bicycle before you go for a ride in particular check your brakes are working properly.

If you have questions about the ride you can contact me (I'm Patrick James) via the email address on this page or via the BLAGSS Cycling WhatsApp group.

The maximum number for the ride is 12. Please register your interest below.

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