Bowling Extravaganza

Outdoor Lads defend title in 2020

Congratulations to Outdoor Lads who successfully defended their title, beating Bear Patrol and Brighton Gay Mens Chorus into second and third place. Over 200 LGBTQ+ friends attended the event which was a great success. The best placed BLAGSS team was Golf in fourth place, followed by a joint Bowling/Running team in fifth, Peer Action were sixth.

Bowling Extravaganza 2020

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Over 200 bowlers representing 26 LGBT organisations gathered at the Bowlplex at the Marina to compete for this year's trophy, the fifteenth year the event has been organised by BLAGSS. To see the venue exclusively used by local LGBTQ+ organisations was a fantastic sight - an ideal time to meet up with old friends and make some new ones.

The event allowed regular bowlers and those who play once a year to come together for a night of fun and team spirit. This year's winners were Outdoor Lads, followed by Bear Patrol, and Gay Men's Chorus in third place, BLAGSS Golf, BLAGSS Bowling/Running and Peer Action occupied 4th, 5th and 6th place.

At this year's event BLAGSS raised £750 for LUNCH POSITIVE as a result of generous contributions from a raffle on the night with prizes presented from participating teams.

BLAGSS Chair John Moore said "this is a fantastic event that brings the local community together, it was not just about taking part as competition was fierce, with Outdoor Lads playing well to defend the title they won last year. We are delighted to support LUNCH POSITIVE who provide valuable services for local people”.

Gary Pargeter, Lunch Positive Service Manager said -
Thank you so much to everyone at BLAGSS for staging this wonderful event and the brilliant funds raised for Lunch Positive. Lunch Positive is a small charity that reaches widely and involves many people with HIV. We help in many ways. This fundraising will directly support our emergency food bank and community food provision for people with HIV. This will especially help the development of additional food provision for people with HIV who are insecurely housed, street-homeless, and people experiencing both financial and housing difficulties. These funds raised will have a direct impact on the level of support we provide and the people we reach. We are deeply grateful. 


Bowling Extravaganza Rules

Each team has 8 players.  In the event that a team has less than 8 players this is how it will be handled. 

The system for calculating the results for teams with different numbers of players will be as follows: 

At the start of each game the numbers of players are entered into the system by the Bowling Management eg 6, 7 or 8 players. Teams will complete the Team Sheet, using actual names and return to the Organisers Table, before the games begin.  

A team with less than 8 members cannot play additional fictional members to make the numbers up to 8. 

Team scores are calculated as follows to enable scores between teams with a different number of members to be comparable. 

• Team of 8 - total score from 2 games

• Team of 7 - total score from 2 games, divided by 7, then multiplied by 8

• Team of 6 - total score from 2 games, divided by 6, then multiplied by 8

• Teams of less than 6 could play but not count on the final results.

The computerised system will provide the scores of each team member on each lane, which will then have to be added up by BLAGSS officials who will then apply the above calculation. The computer cannot do the maths across the two games.

This system is the one recommended by Bowlplex Management and is widely used at Corporate and Social events such as the BLAGSS event and will be used for this event.