Bowling Extravaganza

BLAGSS Bowling Extravaganza Wednesday 27th February 2019

The Annual BLAGSS Bowling Extravaganza will be back again in 2019, taking over the entire Hollywood Bowl  at Brighton Marina. Last year’s Challenge was a huge success, attracting over 200 bowlers from different Brighton & Hove LGBT community groups.


Wednesday 27th February 2019


Hollywood Bowl (formerly Bowlplex), Brighton Marina, BN2 5UT


6.30pm for registration and a chance to practice;
7.00 pm for the Extravaganza start.


£8.50 per person  (£68 for a team of 8 players)

The format of the competition will be as in previous years – 2 games on different lanes; with “glorious” prizes for the winning team.

Bowling Extravaganza Rules

Each team has 8 players.  In the event that a team has less than 8 players this is how it will be handled. 

The system for calculating the results for teams with different numbers of players will be as follows: 

At the start of each game the numbers of players are entered into the system by the Bowling Management eg 6, 7 or 8 players. Teams will complete the Team Sheet, using actual names and return to the Organisers Table, before the games begin.  

A team with less than 8 members cannot play additional fictional members to make the numbers up to 8. 

Team scores are calculated as follows to enable scores between teams with a different number of members to be comparable. 


• Team of 8 - total score from 2 games

• Team of 7 - total score from 2 games, divided by 7, then multiplied by 8

• Team of 6 - total score from 2 games, divided by 6, then multiplied by 8

• Teams of less than 6 could play but not count on the final results.



The computerised system will provide the scores of each team member on each lane, which will then have to be added up by BLAGSS officials who will then apply the above calculation. The computer cannot do the maths across the two games.

This system is the one recommended by Bowlplex Management and is widely used at Corporate and Social events such as the BLAGSS event and will be used for this event.