The BLAGSS badminton group are a mixed ability group who play doubles and mixed doubles games.

All interested badminton players are welcome to come along. We have players with a wide range of abilities, so you should be able to have some good matches whether you're an experienced player or haven't played for years.

Players range from league-level players to beginners and the group is truly mixed ability, giving everyone the opportunity to have a fun-filled evening. 

Socially Distanced Badminton

********Badminton is currently suspended ******

We hope to re-start our socially distanced badminton as soon as we can. Watch this space.

Socially Distanced Badminton 

There are two groups of six. Group A (7-9pm) and Group B (7.10-9.10) 2 Volunteers head up each group. The groups arrive and leave separately, do not mix and set up and put away their own equipment 

Reservations are mandatory via an online booking form on the BLAGGS website and its first come first serve with a reserve list. Payment by BACS only.

For more detailed information on the new Covid rules please see the article below.

Where We Play

We usually play at Brighton and Hove High School for Girls, Temple Gardens, BN1 3AT. The sports hall is the modern grey building accessed through the gates that look like a butterfly, near Montpelier Road.Timing to be announced when badminton resumes

Badminton Whatsapp Groups Information

We have two Whatsapp Groups for easier communication between our regular members. We have our Official Badminton Whatsapp Group and a Social Badminton Whatsapp Group. If you would like to join either group please contact Clive on 07875288635 or email