Email Addresses

Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your email password you may be able to choose a new password yourself. This will be faster than asking the webmaster for help.

If multiple sports reps access the account then ask one of the other reps if they can tell you the password. If you reset the password then they will need to know the new password to login.

To reset your password, visit the Gmail website at and try to log in with your email address, e.g.

Click next and you'll be asked for your password. Click the "Forgot password?" link below the password box. You'll be asked for a piece of information to help verify your identity. If you can't provide it or it doesn't work, click the link that appears in the bottom left (where the "Forgot Password?" link was) and you'll be offered a different way of resetting your password.

Eventually you'll see a screen "Contact your domain admin for help.". If you get to this stage, email and we will reset your password for you.