Petanque season is beginning soon.....

We play every Thursday evening from 6.30pm. The 2017 BLAGSS Petanque season will start in May and all are welcome to come along.  We are a friendly group of people who enjoy playing the game, and then having a social drink at the local bar later!


Pétanque is an extremely inclusive sport that can be played equally by both men and women irrespective of age, physical fitness or ability. The basic rules are simple and easy to learn. However, pétanque is an exciting, skilful and highly tactical team game, although luck often has a part to play!

Pétanque started in the South of France in 1907 and now millions play this most popular version of boules worldwide.


At the Pétanque Terrain on the seafront, next to The Meeting Place Cafe and the Peace Statue.


All equipment is provided, and we charge £2.00 per session.  If you have not played before, we can provide instruction and coaching. We are keen to get more people involved so do register that you are coming so we can look out for you. 

Your first session is free, after which you must join BLAGSS in order to play again.

If you are a BLAGSS member, please log in for details and to register your interest in the next session (if required).

If you are not a member, please email


8 members are already going. Sign in to see who they are and add your name.


Summer is almost upon us!

What better way than to get in the mood than a game or two of Petanque?

The BLAGSS Petanque will be hosting a Petanque taster session for both returnees and those wishing to give the game a try for a first time

It’s on Saturday 8th April starting at 4.00pm

It’s on the Petanque terrain near the Peace Statue and Meeting Place café on Brighton Seafront Kings Road BN3 2WN

Following a game or two we’ll walk up the road to Velvet Jacks for a drink and maybe a bite to eat for those who have built up an appetite – the pizza is fab

All welcome

PS Tee shirts with the new BLAGSS logo available to purchase for £10


8 members are already going. Sign in to see who they are and add your name.

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