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We know that BLAGSS can't offer everything, so please see below for other LGBT sports groups in the local area that you might be interested in.  Please contact the group directly. 

Boxing - Brighton LGBT Boxing Club

Brighton LGBT Boxing Club meet Mondays and Thursdays in The Stables Gym at Brighton Racecourse. Sessions start at 8pm, and cost just £5 for a full 80 minutes, featuring boxing classes and boxing-based fitness. Classes are for beginners, and both guys and girls

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Out to Swim meet three times each week, at Prince Regent pool (Monday and Wednesday 20.30-21.30), and at Roedean school on Saturdays from 17.00-18.00. The cost to swim is £6 per session or £40 per month. Come along and give us a try your first session is free.

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Ishigaki is a non-profit martial arts club for lesbians, gay men and their friends.  Ju-Jitsu is an all round Japanese martial art, ideal for self defence, it encompases throws, locks, chokes, kicks and punches to control or immobilise an attacker.

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Trans Can Sport

Sessions are open to anyone who identifies as trans or feels their gender identity prevents them from getting fit. Places need to be booked in advance.  Trans Can Sport will provide sessions for free. All you need is to attend in a pair of trainers.

♦ January 12: Trans Can Fight:  Boost your confidence learning boxing and kick boxing techniques mixed with high intensity interval training.

♦ January 16: Trans Can Lift:  Tone up and learn basic resistance exercises to perform them safely and efficiently.

♦ January 19: Trans Can Sweat:  Build up a sweat and learn exercises using your own body, so that you do not have to rely of gyms or equipment.

♦ January 20: Trans Can Swim:  Release some stress by swimming at a subsidised session as St. Lukes swimming pool.

♦ Trans Can Yoga tbc: Great for flexibility and wellbeing

For more information and how to sign up email Rory at

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