The BLAGSS badminton group are a mixed ability group who play doubles and mixed doubles games.

All interested badminton players are welcome to come along. We have players with a wide range of abilities, so you should be able to have some good matches whether you're an experienced player or haven't played for years.

Players range from league-level players to beginners and the group is truly mixed ability, giving everyone the opportunity to have a fun-filled evening. 


There are 3 courts in the sports hall. We play doubles and mixed doubles games. 

We use a card-based system to decide who plays against who. The aim is to have closer matches and ensure everyone gets their turn on court.

The system works using a board and name cards for everyone playing that night. If you've not played before, write your name on a piece of card and add it to the bottom of the left-hand column. When a court becomes free, the player at the top of the left-hand column chooses three other people to play with, and moves their cards to the free court. The players who have just come off add their cards to the bottom of the left-hand column.

The cards feature a skill rating of 1.1* (league standard), 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3 (beginners), to help players pick teams that will result in a close game. If you want to have a rest, just take your card off the board and you won't be picked.


We play every Thursday, 8-10pm at Brighton and Hove High School for Girls, Temple Gardens, BN1 3AT. The sports hall is the modern grey building accessed through the gates that look like a butterfly, near Montpelier Road.


We welcome new members at all sessions – just bring yourself, your racquet, £5 for court hire and wear non-marking indoor shoes.

If you'd like more information or just to have a chat before you come please call or text the coordinator, Rob, on 07787 111 688.

If you are a BLAGSS member, please log in for details and to register your interest in the next session (if required).

If you are not a member, please email badminton@blagss for further information.

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Sport coordinators

Rob and Clive are our Badminton coordinators

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