Welcome to Brighton LGBT Sports Society

There used to be a time when if you said you were a member of the LGBT community sport wasn't on the agenda.

That's no longer the situation and some of us want to be playing as much sport as we possibly can. Well if that's how you feel you've come to the right place.

BLAGSS is a sports and social group that now has around 400 lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender members from across Brighton and Hove, Sussex and beyond. 

Our aim is to encourage LGBT people to play sport. It's as simple as that. Sport is so important because health and fitness is such a vital part of our lives. 

Our members are all different shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, and participate in sports as varied as badminton, football and cycling (and many, many more).

It's not all about sport though. There's a fantastic social side to BLAGSS. There are over 700 different sporting and social meetings every year. Have some fun playing sport and then have a good old chat about it in the pub afterwards.

BLAGSS is a great way to meet people, keep fit, and have fun. 

If you're not yet a member, join now online! 

You can also try out BLAGSS for free!  Come along to your sport of choice with a FREE 1-day membership (court fees may apply). Just go to the relevant sport page on this site and message the organizer.

Providing LGBT Sport in the City for 18 years

BLAGSS recently celebrated out 18th birthday - so we have been providing LGBT sport in the city for 18 years.  That is some achievement and we are very proud of that. 

Several Local organisations have sent us good wishes for the next 18 years too!!!



Lunch Positive wishes BLAGSS Happy Birthday!

~~BLAGSS have become good and strong friends of Lunch Positive. Ranging from plentiful donations of food for people in poverty, responding to call-outs for help with volunteering, invites to fundraise, and of course enthusiastic invites and inclusion for our members and volunteers in sporting events! It’s great to have so many friends at BLAGSS who care about people with HIV  – thank you from us all!

LGBT Small Community Groups Network

BLAGSS was the very first contact the network made with the LGBT community, and since then has become a key organisation in furthering the network’s aims.

BLAGSS brings insight, wide ranging skills, supportiveness and motivation to the network and has given a great deal of time to its development. 

BLAGSS has helped other network groups in a variety of ways, all to the benefit of their work. We couldn’t have done this without you.

Sussex County Cricket - celebrating with BLAGSS

Sussex Cricket would like to congratulate BLAGSS on 18 years of providing LGBT sport in the city.  Here's to working together for the next 18 years!!

GScene celebrated with BLAGSS at its party

To everyone at BLAGSS: Happy Birthday from the Gscene Team and stay fit in 2016



Happy Birthday! Thanks for all your help on the Equality Walk over the years! Lots of love, Stonewall x

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